ShowReel Drone & FPV 2022
3/3. I'll finish the week with images from the air of some of the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to visit. A compilation that next year looks like it will expand a lot!
ShowReel Music Videos 2022
2/3. 2022 has also given me the opportunity to direct music videos and participate in recording musicals. It’s weird to have spent 20 years playing and now to see it from behind the cameras. Un fact I’m not sure which side I like more!
ShowReel Filmmaking 2022
I’ll always remember 2022 for being the year in which I quit my job to dedicate myself 100% to do what I love. I still can not make a balance, but I can leave several images of what is being a awesome and very very exciting season.

From here it seems to come stronger, with more projects, trips and experiences. This is the first of 3 showreels.

2023: I can’t wait to see what you have planned for me.
Chatarras Raid 2023 (Morocco)
There is only one way to travel more than 5,000 kilometers through the desert, crossing incredible dunes and crowning the highest road in North Africa with a car with less power than a mower: to be a real junkyard! The countdown to adventure begins. Enjoy the ChatarrasRaid2024 trailer and join the most fun, crazy and spectacular raid that runs through Morocco in 6 stages.
Chatarras Raid 2023 (Morocco)
What would happen if you took the "Wacky Races" and put them in the middle of the desert?
Welcome to Chatarras Raid! A 3000km raid through Morocco in 6 stages.
An adventure where each team sets its own challenge with a single goal: to reach Marrakech through the most spectacular places of the Moroccan desert.

Fellowship, lots of good humor, and incredible situations are the essence of this great adventure.
Do not miss this first video summary of what was a week of travel.
Dust Race 2022
After two years of pandemic, finally Dust Race returned to Morocco in this 2022 edition.
6 stages that have given for adventures, rescues, victories and unforgettable moments for all participants; an edition that has returned with a lot of strength and enthusiasm, where everyone has given the most of themselves without forgetting at any time the companionship, even in the most difficult sections of the raid.
Here is a recap of what has been this incredible "Dust Race 2022".
Chatarras Raid 2023 Trailer
From May 15, 2022 you can already register for the new edition of "Chatarras Raid", which will take place during 6 stages along the desert of Morocco. Are you ready? All the information on "".
Chatarras Raid 2022
In March 2022 the Baja Rally "Chatarras Raid" took place through the Monegros desert.
2 days of filming under the rain, the cold, the wind and the sun with Daniel Doncel.
An incredible experience both for us and for the participants that will be repeated in Morocco and several other places.
4x4 Electric Car Transformation
The Spanish company "ECOCHE" ( designed and transformed a common 4x4 into an electric vehicle prepared for the mining company "Himesa", in collaboration with talleres_ferauto and rctallerescc.
We spent several days trying to push the car to the limit on all types of terrain and there was no way to stop it, a real electric beast.
Pearl President Presentation
Live recording of the new Pearl President drum kit, with Micky Martinez on drumsticks!


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