AS2 Studio (UK)
"AS² studio has proudly influenced events, designs and people to find a sustainable way to be."

I'm very proud about this collaboration.
Some of my photos about nature have been used to illustrate their website and some videos, which will be released very soon, too.

It's a studio and store based in UK. They fight for the recovery of the planet, for a sustainable life and to raise awareness about the future that awaits us if we are not able to change our habits.

Their product line is made entirely with sustainable materials; in addition, they are also responsible for carrying out projects for the rehabilitation of villages at risk of abandonment.
Mostylion (Spain)
Our mission is to unite and empower digital entrepreneurs. We are the new digital era, and we want to change the world by changing people's lifestyles. The new adventure is this, a new way of seeing and understanding life, in which not everything is based on what we do, but on how we do it and why we do it.

We are a brand that you want to identify with, that makes you dream and be part of a few who have understood that this is about something else. We want to inspire you and encourage you to go out there to meet the world and find your own adventure, escaping from the monotony of everyday life.
MADI (Digital Agrofood Marketplace) (Spain)
Marketing and digital platform to connect both customers and sellers of agro and wine products.

I was working for this startup for some time, being a filmmaker and creating some digital art.
Interviews, meetings, videoconferences... all the process, production, locations and editions were my responsibility.

I adapted and upgraded all the logos and digital media and the design of brochures.

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